The Developer Cartel's Goal

The Developer Cartel's Goal
No Longer "The Liberty Building"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Paul Gunther, Cartel Candidate

Paul Gunther, in step with the developers, took a firm stand in favor of the State Department hard skills facility proposed for Ruthsburg.  Now that the Queen Anne’s County citizens’ battle to stop the project has been won, facts about why the Federal Government nixed the project are coming out.

In reality, these facts were known a long time ago, as I had acquired over 3,000 pages of revealing documents pertaining to the proposed facility.  A large number of Queen Anne’s County citizens took the opportunity to view the information and educate themselves.  Their understandable conclusion was to fight the Foreign Affairs Security Training Center (FASTC) with every ounce of their being.

Mr. Gunther and his developer friends had the same invitation I offered everyone else to view the documentation.  In fact, early in the process, I made a phone call to Paul specifically inviting him to my home to analyze the documents.  He cut our conversation short explaining that he needed to help a neighbor, but promising to call me right back.  He never honored that promise.

The reasons the government abandoned Ruthsburg for the FASTC validated the conclusions drawn by the informed opponents of the project.  Among other reasons, the government report stated that the hard skills facility would be noisy beyond acceptable standards, disruptive of the environment and surrounding neighborhoods and residences, and a dangerous nuisance on the surrounding roads. The report also stated that the facility would be a threat to the endangered Delmarva Fox squirrel and a toxic imposition on activities at Tuckahoe State Park.

During the hearing process with Queen Anne’s County citizens, led by the Department of State and the General Services Administration, a picture in direct opposition to the eventual conclusion was consistently painted.  In other words, the representatives of the Federal Government lied!

Paul Gunther and his developer pals consistently preached that the citizens should trust the government and that they would be better off for doing so.  In reality, their only desire for the facility was driven by their expectation that they would end up better off financially.  They showed absolutely no concern for the quality of life for the surrounding families, farms and our state park.  In fact, at one point they suggested that those nearby families and farmers should, as they put it, “Take one for the team.”  A more accurate interpretation would have been, “Take one for our profits.”

For years now, Paul Gunther has promoted himself as the best friend of the farmer.  After advocating for the demise of six of our county’s farms to accommodate FASTC, you would be hard pressed to find farmers around Ruthsburg that still view him in that light.  In fact, you may have to search long and hard to find any Queen Anne’s County citizens that now see Mr. Gunther as anything but best friend to the developers.  Mareen Waterman, head of the developer cartel’s efforts to buy the election, describes Paul Gunther as the “best of the current board” of his pro-developer candidates.

The fight against FASTC is a clear and accurate representation of the battle that we all constantly face in Queen Anne’s County.  On one side are wealthy developers willing to do and say just about anything to put more dollars in their bank accounts.  On the other side are citizens taking a stand to protect the quality of life for ourselves and our neighbors.  The developers may be able to outspend us, but they should never be allowed to outvote us.

Trust Government?  Trust the Developer Cartel?  Trust Paul Gunther with our future?  Not hardly!

Sveinn C. Storm


  1. I think Paul Gunther swallowed too much BQA and Chamber of Commerce Kool-Aid. He epitomizes everything that is wrong with our elected officials and county staff. Too willing to accept well orchestrated sales pitches without looking at all of the facts. It's time for Gunther to go.

  2. All during the Ruthsburg training center debacle, I had a feeling that Gunther had a pony in the race or something. Why else would he continue to support something that his neighbors didn't want?

    That is why I'll be voting for Simmons, Dunmyer, Jackson, Taylor and Broderick. These are people with real integrity.

  3. I have a friend who is good friends with the Gunthers. What everyone has to realize is that Mr. Gunther has shown his true colors AS A POLITICIAN already.

    This election is NOT about voting for your friend, it is about voting for whom you think will do the VERY BEST job WORKING FOR the residents of Quenn Annes County. While Mr. Gunther and the Cartel may be great guys to go hunting with and/or drinking a fifth of brandy with, do we REALLY want them to be in charge of our kid's future and the future of our pristine county and life style? I think not.

    I am voting for those candidates who have proven their integrity and loyalty, who will listen to those who put them in office and gave them their trust, and who have no problem standing up to Developer Cartel.

    It's high time that "We the people" becomes more than just the first 3 words of a document from our history books.

  4. Paul supported tax increases to stiff county taxpayers, he supported the stinky court house land acquisition to help his buddy Judge Sause, he supported FASTC to help his buddy Sidney, he supports the Wye Mills plan to help his friend Kevin, he supports Wheatlands to help his friend Maureen, and he supported Barry to be on the Planning Commission. No wonder he wants to be Commissioner again. It's too profitable to be anything else! Paul's motto? "show me the money!"

  5. I've known Paul Gunther for years. As an extension agent, he used to visit my farm. I used to trust him. Not any more. He's sold his soul to the developers. Shame on you Paul. You used to be someone I could trust.

  6. Paul recently voted against the Comprehensive Plan. But the comprehensive plan says no more major subdivisions on Kent Island. I guess that means Paul wants more subdivisions on Kent Island.

  7. I wonder how much the Ashley's gave to Gunther to support FASTC?

  8. I heard most of the contributors to Gunther's recent fundraiser were all developers. That figures!

  9. I voted for Paul in 06. Not this time. I had many talks with him before voting for him. He told me
    that Waterman offered to give him 10K in 06 for his election, but he was shocked and wanted to do what was right for Q.A. county and get elected to stop the cartel.
    Have had several talks with him since his election, and he has backed everything that Waterman wants. His view is that he knows what is best for us and he is smarter than us dumb farm boys. Well fool me once but not twice. He has got to go