The Developer Cartel's Goal

The Developer Cartel's Goal
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Five Lies Per Minute

Steve Arentz wants everyone to believe that he is an outstanding entrepreneur whose business skills qualify him to be a county commissioner for Queen Anne’s County.  The appalling health inspections of Hemingway’s, his recently closed restaurant, tend to show that nothing could be further from the truth.

On October 12 at the League of Women Voters forum Mr. Arentz was asked to give an explanation of his lengthy and frightening list of health violations.  What followed was perhaps the most rapid-fire sequence of lies you will ever hear. (Click here to see the video.) In one minute and nineteen seconds Mr. Arentz claimed the following:
    1) The awful health reports were all a rumor.
    2) His restaurant was not forcibly closed.
    3) His restaurant’s health violations were landlord related.
    4) It was he that reported his restaurant’s poor condition to the health department.
    5) If you walked into any restaurant with a health inspector there would be between 30 to 50 health violations.
    6) Most restaurants have the same types of violations as Hemingway’s did.

Not one of these statements is true! I posted Mr. Arentz’s abysmal health department records in an earlier article (click here) and these documents clearly affirm the health violations and horrific conditions at his restaurant. The documents also plainly state that Hemingway’s was closed by state authorities due to health and safety concerns.  The evidence confirms that Arentz’s violations were operational in nature and not the result of a landlord dispute. 

The inspection resulting in the forced closure of his restaurant was not the result of Arentz reporting himself, as he claimed.  The report states, “Inspection was the result of a complaint received in my office about mold.”  That complaint was actually made by one of his employees after several had met to discuss what they believed to be unsafe working conditions.

Arentz’s claims that a health inspector would find thirty to fifty violations in any restaurant and that most restaurants have the same violations as Hemingway’s, are flat out ludicrous.  A look at health inspections of other similar restaurants in Queen Anne’s County confirmed these claims to be blatantly false.
During two inspections of Arentz’s restaurants, the health inspector found it necessary to order food destroyed.  I interviewed a health inspector with over twenty years’ experience who stated that during his career he had only had to order food destroyed a handful of times.   He cited Article 21-254 of the Maryland Health Code which states:
(a)    (1)   For purposes of this section, an "immediate threat" exists if any meat, seafood, poultry, vegetable, fruit, or any other perishable substance that is intended for consumption as food:
(i)   Contains any filthy, decomposed, or putrid substance;
(ii)   Is poisonous or otherwise would be injurious to health if consumed; or
(iii)   Is otherwise unsafe.
(2)   If a food poses an immediate threat, it shall be considered a public nuisance.
(b)   If the Secretary finds that a food poses an immediate threat, the Secretary immediately shall destroy the food or otherwise make the food unusable for consumption by human beings.

He further explained that the standard procedure in these instances is to witness the contaminated or spoiled food be placed in the restaurant’s trash receptacle and have bleach poured over it to insure it can never be served.  He made it clear that the need for this measure is an indication that an establishment has clearly ignored its obligation to the public.

In attempting to minimize his wrongdoing, Steve Arentz told six lies in just under eighty seconds.  That’s a rate of five lies per minute.  If that isn’t hard enough to accept, ask yourself one thing.  What would Mr. Arentz have done with that food if he had not been ordered to throw it out?


  1. When you watch that video, you really get the sense that he's lying. Just look at his face. I had to watch it several times. What a pathetic answer to the lady's question. The facts are obvious and yet he still lied. Unbelievable.

  2. Isn't Arentz a Real Estate agent as well? I wonder how many lies you get from him when he's trying to con you into buying a home.

  3. You missed a lie Storm. He said the problem was his floor joists. I helped with the flooring and the joists were okay. The floor was rotting because of neglect. If I was his landlord I would have thrown him out. It wasn't the landlords fault. And it was the filthiest kitchen I ever saw. I warned all my friends not to go there. He put a sign up closed for remodeling. Now that was a lie. Pulling up that old floor was gross, it stunk. His help didn't seem to like him much and wondered if it was safe to breath in there cause you could smell the mold. Im sure they ratted him out. Glad I live in Talbot county Id hate to have him running things.

  4. I was at the forum and am sorry I didn't ask ALL the candidates if they would institute disclosure of health inspection reports on the QAC website. Anne Arundel county does this and some areas even have notices in the paper. Maybe the Update would consider doing something HELPFUL for the locals?????

  5. Let's see. The commissioners meet 33 times a year. If Arentz spoke a total of 15 minutes at each meeting at 5 lies per minute that's 2,475 lies per year. Gunther can probably match him but I doubt he could be limited to just 15 minutes a meeting. Those of us that know Gannon know he can keep up with them as well and with Duminel's lies about his diploma, he can't be that far behind. The only good thing about Olds is that he can't think fast enough to lie as fast as the rest of them, but I'm sure Waterman can lie for him to make up for it. So I figure that's over 12,000 lies a year if they keep their meetings short. Look out Queen Annes County!

  6. I know the GunthersOctober 30, 2010 at 10:46 AM

    Arentz is caught lying about his restaurant. Olds tells horrible lies about Jack Broderick. Dumenel is caught lying about a college degree he doesn't have. Gannon tells whoppers about his opponent Dave Dunmyer. That leaves Gunther. Check into his claim about the 750 acre farm he farms. His family only owns half of that farm and I know it's less than 500 acres. I wonder if his brothers like him telling everyone that it's all his and that he's the one doing all the work. His brothers are quite different than Paul. They're good guys. Look into it Storm. It will give you a clean sweep. All of Watermans guys will have been caught lying.

  7. I thought Storm was crazy. Yea, crazy like a fox. He certainly won this one now I wish I was a voter.

  8. We know that congress is full of liars. It doesn't surprise me that we have the same problem here. Thanks for the robocall. Now I have to vote for three democrats. I haven't done that in a while.

  9. Steve and Brianna should be ashamed. How could they in good concience subject customers to this kind of filth and then have Steve lie about it on TV? And this guy is running for Commissioner?

  10. I can't help but notice that Joe Gannon has now been named starting quarterback for the Waterman Developers. Obviously he used his signing bonus to purchase all of his pretty new signs popping up all over the county. He certainly didn't raise that kind of money from his fundraiser when only 5 people showed up. He now appears front and center in the BQA ad in the update and in the newspaper. Joe used to be conservation minded and now it appears he can be bought by developers in order to get elected. What will be the price tag for his vote as a Commissioner?

  11. Now that Joe Gannon is officially a member of the greedy developer pac, he should change his name to Joe "Paver" Gannon

  12. I've heard people who are related to Joe Gannon say they won't vote for him. Joe seems to run for everything. If there was an election for Animal Control, Joe would run for it! I thought he was a bit of a windbag at one of the forums this week. I'm thinking the voters of QAC are starting to get a sense of that, too. He's doing and saying anything to get elected. Last time he was a conservationist and now this time he is a developer. But he is still going to be a loser.

  13. Joe Gannon wants big box stores too! He was the only one who raised his hand with Steve Arentz at one of the forums when asked, "would you support a Big Box store coming to Queen Anne's County?"

  14. Joe Gannon and Steve Arentz should get into a lying contest. Joe might give him a run for his money. But I don't think Joe has ever served spoiled food to anyone.

  15. How could anyone vote for this guy? C'mon he was serving spoiled food. His restaurant was disgusting. How could he think that this would never get out? Is this the best Waterman could find? The only vote that should taken about these guys is which one is the most revolting.