The Developer Cartel's Goal

The Developer Cartel's Goal
No Longer "The Liberty Building"

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dave Olds Wants a New Bridge

Dave Olds states boldly, “We need a third span”
So build another bay bridge as fast as you can.
As a developer candidate, I’m here to tell you,
We want to build houses and condos to sell you.

As a proud member of the Developer Cartel
Mr. Waterman has given me a story to tell
About how adding a bridge will expand our tax base,
And allow him to build houses all over the place.

He promised all of his candidates we’ll earn a big bonus
Just by obeying his orders and letting him own us.
We’ll all make more money, he says he’s not kidding,
In spite of the fact that the economy’s skidding.

He declares to Phil Duminel with a great deal of assurance
That with thousands more people he’ll sell more insurance.
And to Steve Arentz will go real estate commissions
If he will adhere to the Cartel’s conditions.

What Paul Gunther is promised, not one of us knows
But in his last four years he would never oppose
The developers’ plans and wishes and goals
Which we all know will hurt him soon at the polls.
Unless of course we can buy the election
Which our cartel is striving to work to perfection.

Spend it to make it. That is our plan.
We buy plenty of ads and say whatever we can
To convince all the voters that we really do care
About their kids’ future, but we’re full of hot air.

We are instructed to say while we campaign,
 “We support moderate growth” which we really disdain.
Huge profits we want to swiftly commence
Even though it will be at the public’s expense.

Deep down we all know what will come to pass
Your schools will all have fifty kids in each class.
Your crime rate will rise and your taxes will soar
Just look what has happened up in Baltimore.

The bridge that I want must have ten lanes
So that pavement and strip malls are all that remains.
So don’t pay close attention before casting your votes
And we’ll force development right down your throats.
Development profits we will have amassed
And the county you love will be a thing of the past.


  1. Gunther and Arentz both raised their hands in support of big box stores such as wal mart and target. Hold on a minute, those type of stores kill local small businesses. so how is that business friendly BQA? That's right, I forgot, Waterman owns a large tract of land by the Queenstown Outlets that he has been trying to develop for years! And don't forget QAC had an 18% INCREASE in employment from 2001 - 2007 (latest numbers available from the census). And Arentz was the head of the Economic Development commission, he failed there. Steve, please supply a list of exactly what you did and the results (or lack therof).

  2. Well, this is ok, it's short and it's sweet,
    but I'll give you a story later on that isn't so neat.

    Its a short little tale of green eggs and ham,
    the kind found at Hemingways, tossed in the can.

    Hemingways, you see, is where people like to sit,
    Not anymore, the food is unfit!

    So more later on, and I'll try to not waver,
    but I'm running a little late for my breakfast with a paver.

  3. I read the article in the paper about Olds and his wish for a third bay bridge. I almost couldn't believe what I read. How could someone who lives on Kent Island want a third span there?????

  4. WOW..a big box store in QAC. Every time these guys open their mouths, they contradict themselves. Aren't big box store jobs the same old retail jobs that they say don't provide enough income for someone to afford to live in our county? Won't these big box stores hurt the current businesses in the county? Do you think Price and Gannon, and Friels will be able to compete with a Lowes?

  5. JB, I'm afraid the problem gets worse. Just look at what Cracker Barrel has done to Holly's! Build, build, build they say, we need to grow! Problem is, that growth takes out long standing establishments that make the Eastern Shore unique. If those folks want Big Box stuff, then I'm afraid we're on the fast track to looking like the Western Shore and Middletown. And when that happens, we'll be no different than Annapolis.