The Developer Cartel's Goal

The Developer Cartel's Goal
No Longer "The Liberty Building"

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dave Olds, Cartel Candidate

It is somewhat difficult for Queen Anne’s County citizens to believe that Dave Olds is a serious candidate for county commissioner.  You simply don’t see him putting an effort into his campaign in the same way the other candidates are.  There is no campaign website to say who he is or what his positions are on the issues.  You haven’t seen a door to door, greet the voter effort from Mr. Olds.  Not only won’t you find a campaign phone number, you won’t even find a place to go where you can give Mr. Olds a campaign contribution.

So how is Dave Olds an honest to goodness choice to be our next county commissioner?  He isn’t.  No, really, he isn’t.  What he is, is perhaps the most loyal, of all the developer candidates, to Mareen Waterman.   That’s why he doesn’t put forth an effort similar to the other candidates.  He doesn’t need to.  He is backed to the hilt by the Waterman machine and to a great extent is riding the coattails of his developer teammates.  If developer dollars can’t buy him in, he won’t get in.

The greatest evidence of this is the recent ad on behalf of Dave Olds attacking his opponent, Jack Broderick, with the most shameless lies you could imagine.  It is important to note that the ad was placed by the “Friends of Queen Anne’s County” PAC chaired by developer Mareen Waterman. This PAC is registered at the Maryland Board of Elections as PAC #A4278; its stated purpose is “Construction/Housing”.  It could be more aptly named “Friends of Developers”.

Here are those lies followed by the truth:
Lie: “Jack Broderick opposed Kent Island High School.” 
Truth: Jack Broderick strongly supported Kent Island High School. In fact, his wife Liz, as a member of the Board of Education (’86 – ’96) voted for the high school and for the purchase of the school property during her tenure!  
Lie: “Jack Broderick opposed sewer for Cloverfields” and “Jack opposed sewer for Bay City.” 
Truth: Jack Broderick worked hard for a fair solution to bring water and sewer to Cloverfields and Bay City.  Jack was appointed to chair the citizens’ committee that solved the controversy and recommended the finance policy to make it happen!
Lie: “Jack Broderick opposed Gibson’s Grant.”
Truth: Jack Broderick's input was sought by the developer to redesign the development to achieve community support for the project.  Jack ultimately supported the re-scaled project and attended the opening ceremony! 
More Truth:
Regarding K-Mart. Yes, Jack joined with the majority of Kent Islanders, including then Commissioner Sonny Schulz and many officials of the Chamber of Commerce, against big box K-Mart because of the harm it would have on local small businesses.
Regarding Four Seasons. Yes, Jack stood with the majority of Kent Islanders and QA County voters in opposition to that development - originally 7,000 new people, pared down to 2,700 people - in the middle of Kent Island.  
Regarding Ruby Tuesday. Jack asked the Board of Zoning Appeals to review the dangerous Ruby Tuesday project in the Chesapeake Outdoor parking lot. They agreed with Jack and overturned it. The owner later sued the County and had that decision overturned. Meanwhile, Ruby Tuesday opted out. 

When you do hear Mr. Olds speak, he claims integrity as his chief attribute.  But blatant lies about a respected community leader certainly don’t support that claim.

So what is the truth?  Jack Broderick has a clear record of hard work and accomplishment over the last 30 years. As an active civic leader, he had a direct role in these positive accomplishments for our community: the Kent Island Library, United Way, Terrapin Park, the Kent Narrows Boat Races, the Bay Bridge Airport Acquisition, the Rt. 50 Overpass on KI / Postal Road overpass design, our County Code Home Rule, the Comprehensive Master Plan, the Chester Community Plan, the Chester / Stevensville Community Plan, the KIVFD New Fire House (Steering Committee) the Rural Land Preservation (Blue Ribbon Panel), the Bay Bridge Re-decking Success (Chair, Bay Bridge Reconstruction Advisory Group)

Developer money and lies should not buy Mr. Olds a seat on the county commission.  Hard work and achievement should get you there.  Jack Broderick is an honest to goodness candidate.  Really, he is!


  1. Old's is a bit of a thug and he has a short fuse. He could go off for little or no reason. He picked a few fights in the firehouse. We put up with him because we had to but we didn't have to like him.

  2. Read the rest of the site. He went after Storm too and he wrote about it.

  3. To know him is to know that you should not vote for him.

  4. Waterman could have picked someone with a little higher IQ or does he think someone like Olds will be easier to manipulate?

  5. It would be hilarious to see Dave Olds on a commission with Arlene Taylor. How would he make it through a meeting? Get into a conversation with him on his days in the fire department in DC. He could never win a race relations award.


    Time and time again, David Olds has claimed he was a Washington DC firefighter. Today, we contacted the DC Fire Fighters union, and they have no record - no history of a fireman named David Olds. Most firefighters are part of the union, so where is David Olds. Next, we contacted the DC Fireman's Association. They also don't have a record of David Olds.

    Has Mr. Olds lied again? Is he misrepresenting his time in Prince George's County by claiming he was a fireman in the District of Columbia?

    Come forward Mr. Olds and tell the truth!!!