The Developer Cartel's Goal

The Developer Cartel's Goal
No Longer "The Liberty Building"

Friday, September 10, 2010

Waterman/Developer Cartel Survey

How many more Queen Anne’s County farms do you want to see replaced by development?
   a)    I can’t stand to see farmland wasted when it could be a profitable development.
   b)    I’m willing to sacrifice some more farmland and open space in the name of “progress.”
   c)    I would like to save what we have left.
How much higher would you like your taxes to go?
   a)    The sky is the limit.  Let’s keep that growth machine going.
   b)    A bit more taxes won’t hurt anyone.
   c)    For what I’m getting, I’m paying too much now.
How do you feel about sacrificing the following in order to subsidize developers?
   a)    Children should learn to share their textbooks and teachers should quit whining about 40 kids to a classroom.
   b)    There’s nothing wrong with portable classrooms when we can’t afford the real thing.
   c)    Good education for our children should never be compromised.
Public Safety
   a)    If someone really needs an ambulance, they’ll wait until one is available.
   b)    We have volunteer fire fighters.  We could try volunteer police as well.
   c)    Adequate police and fire protection are a must.
Parks and Recreation
   a)    Each year we could sell off a small portion of our parks to developers in order to fund recreational programs.
   b)    Most kids have a ton of video games.  They should be content to play with those.
   c)    Our Parks and Recreational programs are a huge plus for all of the county’s citizens and should be preserved.
How much more congestion would you like to see on our roads?
   a)    No biggie.  I have a limo with a plasma tv.
   b)    It doesn’t bother me.  I catch up on my reading when I’m stuck in traffic.
   c)    If I wanted to sit in traffic, I’d live in the city.
How much additional pollution would you like to see in our air and rivers?
   a)    We have to accommodate growth. The Chesapeake Bay will just have to take a back seat.
   b)    I cook my rockfish a few extra minutes.  Those lesions don’t bother me.
   c)    Putting more development in our watershed will continue to contribute to the bay’s deterioration.
How much more of our natural resources would you like to see vanish?
   a)    We should sell off all of our natural resources.  That’s what they are there for.
   b)    If the dozers are careful, they can use those trees for lumber to build more.
   c)    I’d like to see us be good stewards of our natural resources.
How populated do you want to see Kent Island become?
   a)    Somewhere between the population of Dallas and New York City would be great.
   b)    Extend the sewer. The pipeline equals huge profits for us.
   c)    We’re already congested and there’s something nice about our small town atmosphere.  Let’s try to preserve that.

Give yourself 5 points for every a, 3 points for every b and 1 point for every c.  If you scored 45 points, you need to call right away and we’ll get your campaign started.  If you scored 25 or more call us back in four years. You qualified for a retest. 

Just having fun,
Sveinn C. Storm

P.S. If you received a score of 9 you are in the vast majority of Queen Anne’s County residents. (I hope you’re registered to vote.)  If you scored somewhere in between, try and explain it to your children.

 Feel free to duplicate and give a copy to your friends.


  1. My scorecard shows a total of nine points. Has anyone else taken the quiz?

  2. Brilliant! The self-proclaimed conservative Republican's of Queen Anne's County don't see that growth means higher taxes. We'll have a bunch of growth, but then they'll say our taxes are too high and we're broke! Did they ever wonder why we don't have money now? Could it be because the developer cartel went on its build, build, build campaign back in 2001 and 2002?

  3. I am a fiscal conservative who happens to be a registered Republican. You've hit the nail on the head with the higher ups in our local party. We true Republicans will no doubt be voting for some good Democrats in this election. Until then we should avoid Waterman's picks like the plague. I liked an earlier comment somewhere on this site that said it's about right and wrong and not right or left. The developers have cost us dearly in higher property taxes.

  4. developers no longer are required by construct an over 55 community..even those in the pipeline!! new jersey Gov. corzine[gottta love those jersey developers].. gave the developers a free pass.. if the project was not as lucrative as they had planned for.. Will Four seasons @ kent island be next??