The Developer Cartel's Goal

The Developer Cartel's Goal
No Longer "The Liberty Building"

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Steve Arentz, Cartel Values

Steve Arentz’s name has been at the top of the list of the county commissioner candidates the Waterman/Developer Cartel is promoting. He was the only one of their candidates, with opposition, to win in the primary race.

Mr. Arentz is conveying to the voters that his greatest qualification to be a Queen Anne’ County Commissioner is his business experience. He gives this as the main reason they should support him. However, careful, factual examination of public records of his businesses should give the voters genuine apprehension about Arentz.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Waterman/Developer Cartel Survey

How many more Queen Anne’s County farms do you want to see replaced by development?
   a)    I can’t stand to see farmland wasted when it could be a profitable development.
   b)    I’m willing to sacrifice some more farmland and open space in the name of “progress.”
   c)    I would like to save what we have left.
How much higher would you like your taxes to go?
   a)    The sky is the limit.  Let’s keep that growth machine going.
   b)    A bit more taxes won’t hurt anyone.
   c)    For what I’m getting, I’m paying too much now.
How do you feel about sacrificing the following in order to subsidize developers?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Richard Smith, Cartel Candidate

“We need to look at our county budget as each of us would look at our personal budget. Our expenses cannot exceed our income.”  This is a direct quote from Richard Smith on the mailer my family received yesterday promoting his campaign for Queen Anne’s County Commissioner. Mr. Smith is one of the Waterman/Developer Cartel candidates.

I could not agree more with Mr. Smith’s quote, but unfortunately, Mr. Smith didn’t really mean it - at least with respect to the recent controversial purchase of the Sause property in Centreville. You see, Richard Smith represented Judge Sause in the sale of his property to Queen Anne’s County.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Please Don't Take My Picture

The woman in this photograph is Diana Waterman. She’s been the treasurer and financial records manager at Waterman Business Park in Chester which is about as close to the center of the Developer Cartel as you can get. She also happens to be the wife of Barry Waterman.

Barry Waterman is Mareen Waterman’s son. He is an owner/partner of Waterman Realty Company and the Waterman Family Partnership.

 Mareen Waterman is the driving force behind the Developer Cartel. His Cartel is attempting to buy the outcome in the Queen Anne’s County Commissioner race so he, his family and his developer friends can operate unhindered in their development pursuits. Sadly, corresponding with the goal of adding to their significant wealth is their goal of converting Queen Anne’s County farmland into another Glen Burnie.

So what was Diana Waterman doing when we took this picture of her this past weekend?  She was campaigning in Symphony Village with Robert Mansfield, one of two Republican Candidates for County Commissioner from District 1.

But what’s the problem and why didn’t she want her picture taken?  Well it’s not a secret that the Developer Cartel hand-picked Mansfield (see Cartel Candidate and Deadbeat Dad) and is working hard to promote him over his Republican Primary opponent, David Dunmyer. But the huge problem is Diana Waterman is also a top officer (Vice Chair) of the Republican Central Committee of Queen Anne’s County (and she’s running unopposed for re-election to the Committee).  She knows that by campaigning for the Cartel’s tool, Robert Mansfield, against another Republican, she is abusing her position on the Central Committee.

Each Central Committee member is elected by all party members and is supposed to be a representative of the entire party -- not certain elements or constituencies within it.  Under the by-laws of both Republican and Democrat Central Committees, it’s the role of each member, and the Central Committee in general, to remain completely neutral in their support of declared candidates until after the primary.  This is a good rule because it allows all candidates to be a part of a fair and ethical election process, supported by their local central committee. 

Members of the Developer Cartel don’t care about following rules, fairness, or ethics when their financial interests are at stake. 

Diana Waterman gave every appearance of hiding from our camera – because she was doing something she knows was wrong and was caught at it.

Robert Mansfield, Deadbeat Dad

July 21st, 1988 Robert Mansfield entered into a voluntary agreement to provide support for his child in the amount of $50.00 per week. (Click here to see exhibit A).  Sixty weeks later Mr. Mansfield was $3,000.00 dollars behind in his payments indicating that he had failed to contribute a single cent toward the care of his then two year old son.

In an effort to get Mansfield to live up to his responsibility, his ex-wife, Noreen Mansfield, petitioned the court to force him to comply. (Click on exhibit B1, exhibit B2 and exhibit B3.)  In this agreement Robert Mansfield agreed to pay an additional $5.00 per week along with his regular $50.00 a week payment in order to catch up on his arrearages.  This meant that Mansfield would catch up on his responsibilities in just five short years provided he made his payments in a timely manner.  The records indicate Mansfield fell miserably short of his promise.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mansfield With Diana Waterman, Campaigning in Centreville

The Cartel’s Unemployment Lie

In their Update ad for March 10, 2010, Business Queen Anne’s (the Developer Cartel) charged that the “no growth agenda has killed the QAC economy” and announced, “QAC: Unemployment is 7% -- one of the highest on the eastern shore.”

The Developer Candidates have relentlessly stated that we have one of the highest unemployment rates on the Eastern Shore!  They blame “conservationists” and “no-growthers” which are their terms for anyone who doesn’t agree with their goal of turning Queen Anne’s County into Glen Burnie.  The Developer Seven say if we oppose them, we will “kill” the economy of Queen Anne’s County! 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Steve Arentz, Cartel Candidate

Steve Arentz is another of the Developer Cartel’s selections to become County Commissioner of Queen Anne’s County.  His candidate website is remarkably short on substance, but it does have a revolving screen with attractive Queen Anne’s County photos, including, of course, a photo of his restaurant, Hemingway’s.

Mr. Arentz asks us to “use our website to express your ideas, concerns and suggestions” but the site only allows you to leave your email address and ask him, as he puts it, a “quick question”.  Perhaps his method of treating the county’s citizens would be similar (I’ll pretend to be interested in your ideas, concerns and suggestions, but keep it short.) 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The 6.5% Lie

How many times have we heard the Developer Cartel declare that the County’s commercial tax base has declined sharply in the last few years?  They led off with this charge in their first Update ad in August 2009.  Later in their March 10 Update ad they proclaimed that Queen Anne’s County had “among the lowest commercial tax base in the state, 6.5%”.   Business Queen Anne's repeated the charge on page 3 of their April 2010 newsletter stating (click here), “Over the past three years very little has been done to increase county revenues.  Our commercial tax base has dropped from 11% to 6.5% in this time frame.” 

Now the Developer Seven (the Developer Cartel’s candidates) are obediently repeating the exact same proclamation.  But, guess what?  The Developer Cartel made up the 6.5% figure.  That’s right.  It’s a deliberate, premeditated, bold face lie.

Robert Mansfield, Cartel Candidate

Robert Mansfield is one of the Developer Cartel’s selections to become County Commissioner of Queen Anne’s County.   It is difficult to comprehend just exactly what qualities and qualifications the Cartel saw in Mr. Mansfield as their selection. 
Robert B. Mansfield, born June 4, 1964 has no less than twenty six separate cases attributed to him in Maryland Court records.  Six of these cases are for passing bad checks, two for non-support, one for theft, and one for domestic violence.