The Developer Cartel's Goal

The Developer Cartel's Goal
No Longer "The Liberty Building"

Friday, October 1, 2010

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Developer Cartel

There is a Developer Cartel campaigning hard to regain control of our county government.  For the past year, this cartel has run weekly full page ads in the Update attacking anyone and everyone who stands in their way.  Led by Mareen Waterman, the Development Cartel used the so-called Blue Ribbon Panel to prevent Queen Anne’s County citizens’ recommendations from getting into the Comp Plan.  They have secured key appointments on the Planning Commission and maintained their network of insider lawyers and cooperating County employees.

Now Mr. Waterman and his fellow developers are using all their money and influence to elect a hand-picked slate of County Commissioners who will do what their cartel wants and that is to give them a free hand to pave our county.

To get some good insight into what the citizens of Queen Anne’s County are up against, let’s take a look (click here) at a recent letter from Mr. Waterman to a fellow developer.

The first paragraph of this letter explains the sole goal of the Developer Cartel, which is greed. Waterman infers to the developer that by gaining control of the Board of County Commissioners he will stand to gain hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In past years these developers enriched themselves handsomely by converting our county’s productive farmland into costly subdivisions.  Each of those subdivisions ended up costing the rest of us citizens, more in taxes – taxes to pay for schools, roads, and other infrastructure necessities.  It’s always the taxpayer that bears those costs, not the developer. 

Mareen Waterman is the Chairman of the Friends of Queen Anne’s County PAC for which he is soliciting funds.  Their stated purpose is “Construction/Housing” – check it out: (click here)

The Developer Cartel wants “Construction/Housing” as much and as fast as possible, because it’s good for their profits, not because it’s good for the citizens.  The Cartel doesn’t care about over-crowding our award-winning schools.  They don’t care about worsening traffic on Kent Island.  They don’t care whether farming survives in this County.  And they most certainly don’t care about the heavier tax burden that their profiteering imposes on Queen Anne’s County citizens or as they call us, “Conservationists”.

The Developer Cartel’s “right group” is Steve Arentz, Paul Gunther, Phil Dumenil and Dave Olds.  To insure the success of their “Developer Four” in the election, the Cartel intends to out-spend “the Conservationists”, their name for the great majority of citizens in this County, as elections, surveys, and comp planning processes have all shown.

Remember when you see the signs, and read the slick brochures and newspaper ads for the “Developer Four” that these candidates are chosen and funded by the Developer Cartel.

There are two distinct sides in this upcoming election.  On one side are the Citizens and on the other is the Developer Cartel.

There will be more to come on the Developer Four.


  1. Clearly, from the tone of Mr. Waterman’s writings, he cares little about the well being of the county and its citizens; moreover, his only concern is in making money. We understand the absolute right to do that; however, here GREED appears to be the denominator. If he and the likes of him are not held in check and accountable, urban sprawl will be the bi-product for which we all will be paying in increased taxes and services. The record speaks for itself. We have been plagued with growth… many times have taxes been reduced? Citizens, you do the math and you make the wise and informed decisions.

  2. If growth actually paid for itself, our taxes would be going down, not up. Waterman and his ilk are responsible for driving up our taxes, and creating Kent Island grid-lock due to overdevelopment. There's two choices in this election: if you want QAC to look like Anne Arundel County, vote for Arentz, Mansfield, Smith, Gunther, Duminil and Olds.

    But if you want thoughtful planning and good government, and a County we can all be proud of, vote for Jackson, Frohn, Dunmyer, Gannon, Krozack, and Broderick.

  3. The date on the Waterman Letter -- July 27 -- is interesting. By that date at least 3 candidates I know of had not had their "interviews" with the Waterman/BQA PAC -- yet here is Waterman endorsing the Developer Seven and trashing everyone else. Did the candidates who interviewed after July 27 know that they had already been excluded from the Cartel's support? Did they know that their interviews could have had no purpose but to try to dig out information to be used against them? Be careful, very careful, when you deal with the Cartel . . . .

  4. Finally a site where I can find out the truth. The actual documents are very telling. My husband has been saying this EXACT thing for months now. I always looked at it as a "conspiracy theory" whenever he tried to explain how corrupt this county is. I have now seen first-hand that he is absolutely right. I am looking forward to learning more and more about each of the "Developer Seven". I have always been a believer of 'Birds of a Feather'. I have even heard from the "developer cartel" what there true intentions for this county are. This is without a doubt the most vital election to our future and the future of our children.

  5. $4,000 !!! Are they kidding?! I thought this collection of cartel memnbers were the ones spewing how we need big businesses and manufacturers to come here so there will be jobs for the people of QAC. Saying that there are so many unemployed and that developing this area will save the day. I CANNOT AFFORD $4.00 let alone $4,000. Must be nice to just sit back in your chair at your big fancy desk and tell everyone what they should do according to the cartel. Is anyone else out there sick of those who have all the money being the ones who dictate - yes, I said dictate - how your home is to be run? QAC is my home and I am not going to sit back idly and watch this band of bad guys ruin it all for the sake of lining their pockets and securing the future of THEIR children. What about mine and yours?

  6. WOW, the financially astute Mr. Waterman states that Mr. Gunther is the best commissioner. Is this because he thinks the commissioner makes decisions benefiting the majority of the citizens or is he stating this because the commissioner will go along with his program to develop, develop and develop? Mr Waterman’s modus operandi seems bent on loading up the QA County Board Of Commissioners with people he can depend on to achieve his goals of greed. This is certainly not illegal; however, it leaves us woefully distrusting the process when it appears the system has been bought/compromised. Now the time is ripe for our citizens to stand up for what they feel is ethical and moral by electing those who will truly represent their concerns and beliefs leaving greed and poor judgments out of the equation. Our citizens are fed up with phony verbose rhetoric that leads to the same old (put it to the citizens) business as usual.